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Temperature Control

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Today, owners want the latest and greatest system to help be more cost and energy efficient. Wiring for mechanical controls is second nature for Tristar.  Our owner; Jason Schepis began his career as a lead electrician for one of St Louis’ leading mechanical contractors.  By the end of his tenure, he was running their electrical division and managing the largest jobs in the area.  That knowledge and expertise are the backbone of Tristar Electric.

Capable of designing and working with all systems to meet your building’s energy needs, we’ll make sure you are efficient and comfortable.  We can install stand-alone or multiple zone control systems.  We can update older systems with new electric controls, internet based “smart” systems, and panels that any building maintenance would be happy to manage.


Currently, we are proud to be partnering with ACES to make life a little better for some area schools.  In one case, the system was working, but the relays and switches stopped telling the air handler to turn on. We are happy to say the school was able to save thousands by keeping the existing air handlers and boilers. Although the install was completed only 15 years ago, the controls were managed by a computer running DOS and green screen. Only operable from the boiler room, it was not much more than a manual control switch.  We are happy to report the new controls will be tied to the internet and controllable from offsite for the convenience of the maintenance and supervisory staff.

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