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Fiber Fusion Splicing


Wireless is about as wireless as a paperless office is paperless.

It isn’t that there are no wires, there are just fewer for you to see and handle.  Fiber optic cables are the most advanced method of wired communicating to date.  Using refracted light (lasers), information is passed through a tube to a receiving source.  In order for the end user to have the information they need, that light must not be inhibited.

It takes special training and equipment to properly fuse long strands of fiber together to make sure the information superhighway is unimpeded.

Tristar Electric is one of St Louis leading expert in wiring. Many companies focus on power wiring and some focus on fiber wiring, but none have taken the time to educate their entire crew on both.

We know the future of information is coming fast. You need a contractor who can make sure the fiber is properly fused, while making sure the devices connected to that fiber are properly powered. Commercial and industrial data closets filled with hardware racks and wire racks are a mess.  On-site distributed antennae systems (DAS systems) are just around the corner and licensed contractors will be needed to install them.

With our expertise, we can help you take the steps toward a 5G facility.

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